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Sikh Cremation Grounds Cairns Queensland Memorials Project

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

October 14, 2018

updated 2019

After many years of researching Sikh History with the Sikhs in North Queensland it was decided at a meeting with the Sangat at the Edmonton Gurudwara in 2018 to have the Sikh Cremation Grounds in Cairns recognised with a Memorial and Plaques and information board about the Sikhs in North Queensland displayed. Len Kenna, Crystal Jordan of Australian Indian Historical Society Inc. have researched the history and site and have been working on this Project with Rajindar Chohan, Rajinder Singh, Gian Singh Bains from Edmonton, and others in Cairns to have the Memorials erected.

All the ground work with the Cairns Council has been undertaken by Crystal Jordan and Len Kenna with Rajinder Chohan. Approval was given for the memorial and Rajinder is contining the liason with the Cairns Council.

Rajinder Chohan, Rajinder S. Bains with his g/daughter and Len Kenna 2018. Ph: C. Jordan

At Edmonton Temple Qld. Len Kenna, ...., Gian Singh Bains, 2016. Ph: C. Jordan.

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