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Australian Indian Historical Society Inc.

We are a group interested in researching, preserving and publicising Australian Indian History with the aim of reducing racism in the community.  The Australian Indian Historical Society Inc., a non-profit organisation, was formed on the 31st March 2012 by the following four Sikh Gurudwaras in Victoria; Sikh Community of Western Victoria Inc., Tarneit, Sri Guru Singh Sabah-The Sikh Cultural Society of Vic. Inc., Craigieburn, Sri Guru Nanak Satsang Sabha, Blackburn and Gurudwara Sri Guru Granth Sahib Inc. Keysborough. Our objective is to bring to the attention of all Indians including Sikhs, the marvelous contribution that Indians have made to the development of Australia, and where necessary to correct Australian History to include the achievements of non-English people, including Indians, and to have the amended version of Australian History taught in all schools across Australia.



Len Graduated from La Trobe University, Bundoora, with a Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in Australian History and Australian Literature.  Len’s writing reflects his interest in Australia and things Australian, particularly the Australian Bush.  His writing also explores the ethnic mix of Australian people.  The current books expand on this ethnic theme and as a result, the reader will be surprised by the revelations in these books, of the unknown contribution that ethnic people, particularly Indians, have made to the development of Victoria and Australia.

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Crystal is an Artist, Illustrator and Historical Researcher. she comes from an artistic background and has had a strong interest in India that she inherited from her paternal Grandfather who served in the British Army in India where her father was born at Bareilly, U.P.  Crystal has assisted with the research and has illustrated and prepared these books for publication.  Over the last twenty years or so, Len and Crystal have travelled across Australia, England and India, researching and collecting information, photographs, and material from individuals and private and public  collections and have published five books on Australian Indian History as well as numerous articles and interviews.

Directors: Len Kenna & Crystal Jordan


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