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Bhakrodi To Woolgoolga

NEW RELEASE: Bhakrodi To Woolgoolga by Len Kenna & Crystal Jordan

This book examines Moti's journey to Australia and the unexpected events that followed. when he set out on his journey Moti wanted to increase his family's wealth and land holdings in the Punjab and to continue his Sikh way of life.

Moti achieved his main objective: he increased his familiy's wealth and land holdings in the Punjab, but instead of continuing his sikh way of life in the Punjab he stayed in Australia occasionally returning to his village for long periods of time staying on some occasions several years before returning to Australia, in that way he developed a dual nationality. In his village he lived the life of a wealthy Sikh and each time he returned to Australia he lived the life of an itinerant worker and when he was reaching retirement age his sons Husna and Kabul, joined him in Australia. With the passing of time, he returned to his village and died among family and friends. This was the beginning of Moti's dynasty in Australia. His descendants lived in two worlds: in Australia and in the Punjab.

this dual existence is an area of study not previously examined and should be of interest to all Sikhs and people interested in the Punjab and things Sikh.

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